David Altair Karave, USA


David KaraveThe Psychokinetic Child is an idea brainstormed and created by David Altair Karave, a robotic sculpture and special fx artist, filmmaker, art therapist, and astronomer. His pyrotechnic robotic sculpture artworks have been produced for Burning Man and the Bonnarroo festival, as well as museums and galleries across the USA and Canada.

Chainsaw (Lemonade) McDreamy, USA

CNC Designer + Creator / Pyrotechnics

ChainsawHailing from the wild, wild watering holes of west Texas, Chainsaw has been known to put the fire into burning art. Armed with a guitar and a mouthful of bottle rockets, he’s served as pyro lead for Flipside, Myschievia, and Freezerburn, in addition to many other burning and flame art projects over the past decade. But he’s not just good for burning stuff down; in 2007 and 2008, he led the Design and Fabrication Team that produces the effigy for Flipside, after building and burning his chainsaw sculpted Birdcage in the desert in 2006. Despite formal training as a mathematician, and boring day job doing programming and statistics, Chainsaw spends much of his free time drinking fine tequila, butchering poetry, and building whatever whim captures his interest: electronics, inflatables, airplanes, guillotines, or street signs.

Xiaozhou Zhu, USA/China

Lead Assist to the Artist / Lead Builder / Mechanics Creation Assist

Xiaozhou Zhu Xiaozhou Zhu is a ceramic artist, poet and handmade elaborate funeral urns creator, who works at the Fire Seed Clay Studio in Austin, TX. He is currently pursuing a Fine Arts degree and an Economics degree at St. Edwards University. Born in China, and schooled as a creative writer in Beijing, Xiaozhou brings fresh perspective to the Kinetic team. He is often inspired by the common facets of life, and the subtle differences amongst people. He is especially fascinated by art's usage as a bridge, as a universal language to bring people together from various backgrounds. Xiazhou's Austin, TX funeral urns and cermaic arts website

Gianna Twirwlind, USA

Lead Production Organizer

Gianna TwirwlindGianna Twirlwind was a co-owner and head organizer for South Austin Mushrooms, an urban farm that was dedicated to transmuting waste coffee grounds and sawdust into nutritious food. She's also a professional hula-hooper and acro-yogi. Her years as an up-cycler have allowed her to tap into a multitude of free building resources in the city. She hopes to use her organizational superpowers to help facilitate the smooth birth of this project. She has previously participated in and performed at Art Outside, Flipside, Divine Play, Flowstorm, Play Immersions, and Spin Summit.

Amber Sunshine, USA

Lead Production Organizer

amber sunshineAmber is a local austin painter & creator of a line of hand sewn dolls called "Creations Rejects." I am oober blessed to have these opportunities & artists surrounding me. There is a lot of love, fun, & laughter to be had in every moment so I do just that at my highest frequency. Skilled in art, childcare, squirrel telepathy, health conscious, energy sensitive/intuitive & enjoy being a total goofball whenever possible.

Sydney Lusk, USA


Sydney LuskSydney Lusk is a professional photographer, videographer and costume maker. She documented the creation and voyage of the kinetic child sculpture, as well as the travels, travails and triumphs of the project's crew, from Austin to Black Rock City.

Zach Carls, USA


Zach CarlsZach Carls is an Austin musician, recording engineer and aspiring writer. While surrounded by a technological world, Carls nevertheless believes in returning to our roots and maintaining simplicity in music and life. He has enjoyed working together for a common goal, especially on this massive creative project. Zach joined the build team after wandering into the warehouse and was quickly welcomed to join the crew and participate in the burn, his first. Having been exposed to many projects from artists in his family, Zach sees 'Kinetic Child' as a natural step towards giving back to the community, on a project that is extremely relevant to his world view.

Jesyca Barde, USA

Assistant Production Organizer, Material Transport

Jesyca BardeJesyca lives, works and plays in Austin. She studied fine arts. Jesyca is passionate about being out in nature and absolutely in awe of the beauty and power in all living things. Two of her favorite activities are back country hiking and acro yoga. She is extremely excited to be making her first trip to Burning Man to be a part of a team working on such an exciting project!

Brooke Davis, USA

CNC creator

brooke davisBrooke M Davis, IDSA is the founder and principal Industrial Designer at (make+SHift) atx. She specializes in the application of design thinking for innovative solutions. Davis' work is internationally recognized for its unique design sensibility, innovative design solutions, and meticulous attention to detail. Davis was formerly Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA and at Appalachian State University. Her specialties include teaching creative thinking & technical application in the design studio, materials and processes, rapid prototyping, CNC, and furniture design.

Bryon Lloyd, USA

CNC designer

Bryon LloydBryon Lloyd is the 3D CNC designer for the Kinetic Child project. He is the Digital Media Coordinator for the STEM Council and the Director of the Digital Media Council at Skillpoint Alliance. Bryon is an officer and treasurer for the IGDA Austin Chapter. A former collegiate, professional, and semi-pro football player. Bryon has 15 yrs of video game industry experience. All of these paths have one overlapping factor, which is the use and adoption of technology.

Matthew Ostrowski, USA

Architect/Prototype Designer/Web Designer

Matt Ostrowski is the creative director of Frontier Architecture, a creative enterprise dedicated to the design of contemporary urbanism, mapping, housing and assembly architectures. Frontier is fully resourced to provide drawings, cost analysis and design-build consultation for the Psychokinetic Child project. Ostrowski's recent work is the FRONTIERS publication, which includes information matrices for design through syntax, urban image, shape, human aptitude, genetics, music, and narratives. He has 12 years of experience in architecture and design, and an education from UT, Austin. Ostrowski has worked in design offices in Brazil, Texas, and New Mexico and performed independent research in East Asia. His interests lie in the fields of mathematics, psychology, physics, arts and humanities, technology, and construction. Ostrowski has contributed to 75 collaborative architectural projects, primarily in independent housing, and largely developed in 3d Models, Drawings and Text.

Simon Laroche, Quebec, Canada

Mentor to the Artist : Mechanical Eyes & Mouth

Simon Laroche Simon Laroche is a contributing designer of the mechanical eyes and mouths for the Psychokinetic Child. He is also developing lighting considerations for the spinal steps and the interior of the hollow head. Laroche is a contemporary robotics teacher at Concodia University and a practicing artist with an impressive list of numerous mind blowing artworks. As of this April he is in Nantes, France installing a massive ceiling based robotics project in France, called Cinétose. Karave was a student under Laroche in Montreal, Quebec.

Denis Petrusian, Ukraine/Quebec

Mentor to the Artist : Design of Mechanical Eyes & Mouth

Denis PetrusianDenis Petrusian was a surgeon in the former Soviet Union. His skills in human components translate well to android organs. For project Home Automation, he designed and built the couch that housed the mechanical actuators attached to the bodies of a family of metal dummies. These contraptions crashed into themselves while watching TV. He is incredibly adept at creating absolutely anything out of virtually nothing at all. His current modus operandi is the creation of smart phone apps for transportation systems.

Randi Southard, USA

Mechanical Eyes Design, Ears Design

Randi SouthardRandi is an artist and founder of Indra's Awarehouse in Austin, where the project will be constructed. A professional painter, muralist, and acro-yogi, she's constructed a large space for creative spirits. This art house is a future sustainability showcase for conscious education and experiential arts. Randi has worked with David Altair, Shanta, Megan, and Josh on Eco- Art projects, and regularly performs at local festivals such as Euphoria, heart Awareness, Ecopocalypse, Flipside, and Art Outside.

Josh Pasmore, USA

Lead Builder

Josh PasmoreJosh Pasmore is the owner of Green Earth Vision. He is a Burner and well connected in the Burning man community and in the evolution of humanity community as well.  He has given speeches at Burning man events such as concevia with Daniel Pinchbeck. He is connected with Centercamp, thunderdrums and the drum camp, and hooka dome. Pasmore has done general contracting and has constructed full homes as well as business plans for Green Building materials and Green cities. He is connected with Plarr house, Lightning in a bottle, Ecopocolypse, Humancar, Jahsun, Permaburn, Visionforce, Elevate films, and is a step away from many more world leaders.

Luc Francis Sharrow, USA

Lead Builder, LED infrastructure

ChainsawLuc is a veteran burner, skilled builder and photographer from Austin, TX… "I wanted you to feel the people who set their feet there, sat down for a break, or laid their head – all of them. Imagine blinking in and out of a clear view of your world, in and out of utter happiness and complete dispirit, experiencing complete relaxation concurrently with dire stress, holding hands of people you meet to your heart for a moment before they disappear just as quickly as they came, and then reemerging into quick snapshots of life…"

Bobby McDonald, USA


Bobby McDonaldBobby is a film producer and cinematographer in Austin, TX and the project's documentarian.  He has a far reaching range of passions and pursuits from permaculture to acroyoga, poetry to social activism, and most everything in between, he jumps at any project that might raise consciousness, raise eyebrows, or raise the general welfare."

Fern Oxley, England

LED designer, Shrine Art Design

Fern OxleyHailing from the Lake District, United Kingdom; artist cum sound engineer Fern Oxley (Shengi) explores her place in The Universe via Sound Generation, Sound Resonance, Social Consciousness and Analogue Representation of Digital Worlds. Her specialisms include: Sound Synthesis, Music Production, Sound Engineering, DJing, Creative Workshop Development, Textiles, and Mixed-Media Visual Art.

Brittany Bee Strange, USA

Shrine of Phones Artist, Supply Runner, Environmental Lead

Brittany Bee StrangeBorn to burn in a small town, Bee escaped to better places in Austin and Boulder after realizing she had much more to offer this world than the little town of Texarkana would allow her. She is a professional fire dancer. "Fully here to understand and be understood. Growing more with each breath! Dieu avec vous, raison d'etre. Enjoying it all to the fullest. Namaste."

Matthew Pawloski, USA/India

Shrine of Clothes artist, Shrine of Chairs Artist, Builder, Camp infrastructure

matthew pawloski

Matthew is a veteran Burner, environmental activist and collage mural artist. His large-scale collage murals have been shown in New York and Austin. His galaxy inspired, massive collage artwork for the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan (via the Austin Future Fair) was sponsored by the city of Austin. He is currently working on submitting a project for Burning Man's Center Camp Café this year. In his six years attending Burning Man he has set up and broken down Jazz Camp, lamp lighted, and worked Center Camp Café. At the local Vermont burn Fire Fly he has helped prepare the regional effigy for fire 3 times. “Community is important to me, giving is important to me, the opportunity to create Burning Man Playa Art with such a group of amazing people is a blessing and a mountain I have wished to climb for some time”.

John Whelehan, USA/India

Shrine of Clothes artist, Shrine of Chairs Artist, Builder, Environmental Assist

john whelehan

John is an Artist, Activist, and Educator. He recently completed his M.Ed. in early childhood education, with a focus on social justice while studying at Union Institute and University. He currently is creating jellyfish sculptures out of recycled materials for an early summer show, and has paintings and sculptures on show in various galleries, including Smugtown Mushrooms, the flying squirrel community space, and Boulder Coffee in Rochester, NY. When painting murals he chooses to illuminate themes of social justice. He has worked with the Firefly arts collective regional festival in VT. Lately, John has been teaching and working with his young students at Cobblestone school, inspiring them to think more creatively while challenging their critical thinking. Most recently he constructed a milk-jug igloo with his students, using over 500 Milk Jugs.